A Field Trip for Pen Pals

Marathoners and their first grade pen pals from the LAMP (Lincoln Adopts a Marathon Pen Pal) program joined together for a first-ever field trip on Earth Day, April 22. The group traveled to Oakwood’s Park, Marathon’s adopted park through the Adopt-A-Park program, and enjoyed an hour-and-a-half program coordinated by the Marathon Wild@Work Team and the Hancock Park District.

The field trip included learning about mammals, reptiles and habitats, says Jacala Kemerley (HR), who coordinates the LAMP program. The pen pals also played nature games with some intriguing names, including  Blind Bat, Moth Chase and Trees Standing Tall - How I Survive. Finally, a brief nature hike through the trails allowed everyone to see birds, frogs, and insects in their natural habitat.

Updated: Wednesday, June 29 2011