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Marathon offers refueling assistance to disabled drivers

There are seven million drivers with disabilities in Marathon markets, many of whom may find refueling a challenge. Marathon is making the process easier, however, by providing dealers with a new customer advantage – FuelCall.

“As the name suggests, FuelCall enables customers with disabilities to call for refueling assistance,” explains Bob M., Marathon Brand Operations Manager. Using the BigBell™ over-sized touch pad, customers alert in-store staff that they need assistance. When the chime rings inside the convenience store, the attendant goes out to assist the driver.

Some Marathon dealers who have implemented FuelCall provide the service from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays and Saturdays.

“ Marathon’s dealers have a proud history of being good neighbors who participate in their communities. We think the FuelCall™ program is an excellent program that reflects those values. It makes a statement that our dealers care about all their customers. The FuelCall program continues to show why Marathon is fueling the American Spirit and we are proud to support this program.”

Bob M.
Marathon Brand Operations Manager

“FuelCall is yet another way Marathon and its dealers can demonstrate our commitment to community-enhancement,” Bob adds. “It’s easy to employ and makes life easier for some of our most valued customers – at no extra charge. We are proud to support this program.”


Michigan Paralyzed Veterans of America features Marathon on it's pump guide. The guide lists gas stations throughout Michigan that offer refueling assistance to disabled drivers at the posted self-serve price.

Updated: Tuesday, June 2 2009