As the tulips bloomed this spring in Holland, Mich.,so did an innovative joint sponsorship between Marathon and customer Merle Boes, Inc.  Tulip Time is an 80-year-old Dutch Festival in Holland that spans a full week in early May. Like many communities, Holland has been affected by the economic downturn. The people at Merle Boes thought it would be a great idea to sponsor Tulip Time and rally behind the local community to help raise everyone’s spirits.

Using funds available from Marathon through its Community Participation Program, Marathon and Merle Boes helped Tulipalooza, a four night outdoor concert series. This year’s event featured several popular bands, capped off by a crowd pleasing 80s night, complete with music and fireworks.  Several sponsors, including Marathon, showed vintage 80s commercials as part of the festivities.  In another tribute to both old and new, Marathon brought in its old fashioned tank wagon for display.

Funds from Marathon’s Community Participation Program enable its dealers to become more active in their communities. Marathon reimburses its dealers 50 percent of the costs (up to $250 per year) for qualifying activities, allowing great festivals like Tulipalooza to continue to thrive.

Updated: Wednesday, June 29 2011